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Why is Gabriel's value tanking?


I remember being so excited last year when I claimed him off waivers. I bit shocked that offseason rankings are so low, like wr60-70. I think the Falcons even extended his contract. How does everyone feel about his value? He’s currently sitting on my .5ppr dynasty bench


I have him on the bench in 1 of my leagues too, he’s on my roster bubble though ahead of the rookie draft.

I agree with you though, I don’t really understand why he’s falling so much. I guess with him being the 3rd WR option on the Falcons it kinda makes sense, but there’s potentially a decent upside there.


Most people take a very easy opinion that the Falcons offense is going to have to regress. I think that is such a lame take, and just because Kyle Shanahan isn’t there anymore it doesn’t mean the offense is going to be falling out of the top 10 (probably 5). Last time I checked the Falcons still have a great GM, QB and Julio Jones.
Sarkesian is another offensive genius, and will be able to get everyone involved. He has a solid track record and will still use the West Coast Offense. Which is largely about quick throws and timing. Giving the ball to your best players in space and getting the ball out quickly.
Gabriel is going to have value, and be worked in around the line of scrimmage. He is almost like having a 3rd RB. You see it around the NFL. This smaller, stout WR with RB ability after the catch… ie: Tyreek, Pumphrey, Hawkins, Baldwin, Sanders, Henderson and Taywan Taylor. If they can feed him just 5-7 targets a game, you are seeing a WR 3 with WR2 upside. He has the ability to break big plays and is earning a lot of respect within the organization. The Falcons placed a 2nd Rd tender on him as a RFA last year like you said @Cdog


Let him fall, fall, fall and pick him up for almost nothing.

I had a team add him in to even out a trade in dynasty and I’m super excited to have him. I’ll give it a few weeks and see what the Falcons offense is like, but even a slight regression they’re still gonna put up numbers.

Flex him and all he needs is one huge play and he can win your week, which he’s shown it’s possible in multiple weeks.

In a PPR league, from weeks 9-16 he was averaging 16.7 fantasy points a game, being 14.5+ points 6 times and over 20+ once.


I think I’ll definitely target him in the upcoming rounds of dynasty startup draft


He’s the 3rd WR on a team who also throws to both of their RBs on a regular basis. Yes he had some nice games but he did so with very little of a target share. That’s not going to change and you can’t have real fantasy value with 3-5 targets/runs a game. He’ll probably have a couple nice games again this year, but good luck guessing which ones.


I’m with Josh_man here just not enough volume. Yes I’m sure he will have a few great games, but he might lose you more.