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Why is Jeremy Hill ranked so low for week 1?


With Jay Ajayi out this week, I’m scrambling to figure out which RB to start as my #2 between Jeremy Hill and Eddie Lacy. I was leaning towards Jeremy Hill, since he’s at listed as the starter for week 1 and I’m hoping he’ll have a good week this week after which I can trade him before Mixon takes over. However, every ranking I’ve looked at has Eddie Lacy listed far above Jeremy Hill, even though Eddie Lacy is sharing the #2 spot on the Seahawks depth chart with Chris Carson.


I should mention I’m in a non-ppr league


I think the ranking is based off of reports that Rawls is recovering from a high ankle sprain+a healthy Russell Wilson. Rawls is practicing again so the Seattle backfield is again Dark and full of terrors.

Also I think everyone just doesn’t like how Hill has been playing the past couple of years and everyone expects him to be detroned eventually.

I really don’t know who to start so I can’t help you there.


Gave it some thought and I would go with Lacy because we have seen a really good Lacy before and the potential for Rawls to get hurt again is high.

Hill should get the opportunity to run the ball more than Mixon but the Bengals losing starters from the O-line mixed in with his past performance to me means you’re hoping for goal line carries to get most of your points from Hill.