Why is Kupp ranked so low?

I have Kupp, Woods n Marvin Jones (and Julio).
I’ve been surprised to see that he hasn’t streaked past these guys given he was the WR2 pre injury. I feel like if he plays he’ll be back to going big. I’m scared to bench him over Woods or Marvin.

Cupp is the most consistent receiver on the rams. He is not getting talked big right now because he just got back from injury

I agree with the above. Rankings only go so far and there’s always a little hesitation coming back from injury as well. McVay is really smart though and will know when he’s ready to be back. Look at Zuerlein’s predicament as an example.

As a rams fan, I love kupp, but the most consistent title in my opinion belongs to woods.

Also his injury generally takes a week or two longer to heal. If healthy there is an argument for kupp over woods. But being that he’s not 100% and hasn’t had a full practice I’d definitely go woods.

My gut says play him over Marvin.
So I’d be playing
Julio, Woods
White, Howard
Flex- Kupp (over Marvin Jones or Alex Collins)
Am I being naive about the injury?

Nope, I’d flex Kupp too based on matchup as well

So…y’all think Kupp is good to go??? Those knee injuries always worry me!!!

I’d probably do the same. 70-90% Kupp is still dangerous. I’m probably playing him as well and my only fear is that he doesn’t get as much time cause of the injury and Reynolds playing decent.

He will be good, I can see him getting 15+ points in that matchup.

Soo…you trust Kupp coming back off knee injury to kill it like he has???

Definitely next week. This week is a little bit of a gamble but I think I’m going to roll the dice. Which means for me choosing him over golladay and Cohen.

This week?? As in…now???

I can’t decide whether to start him over Keenan Allen or JuJu this week. Probably not worth it?

They’re some tougher decisions. At first I thought- no way would I play him over Keenan Allen or Juju. Then I thought about how Keenan’s forgotten how to score touchdowns (yeah I know, they’re coming, positive touchdown regression, yada yada) and juju is facing Baltimore.
It’s funny, I think I’d play them though.
Funny how it’s easier to make decisions to sit a returning gun for other people than it is for yourself.

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I’m on Allen and Kupp right now. Still very unsure about it

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