Why is Lindsay not placed on the IR?

This is huge due to being involved in a week 17 Super Bowl. Since we charge for add/drops and free agency is done if we have a player go on the IR we get a free add/drop of same position. Is Denver just shutting down Lindsay and not worried about picking up another player to replace?

Why not put him on the IR…fack

Told you guys he wouldn’t last the season. It just took a while.

Sucks for you though man. You can’t pick anyone up and play week 17? That’s messed up.

Yes! Finally Denver put Lindsay on the IR so now I can pick up a free RB for week 17. Here is what is left:

CJ Anderson
Elijah Mcguire
Royce Freeman
Peyton Barber

To think I could possibly win the Super Bowl with CJ Anderson on my team is insane in the membrane! The order listed is the order on the FA list