Why is my brain tilting?

Footclan, I told myself I wasnt going to do it, but alas brain had different ideas.

The issue is nearly every FF analyist has AB/Higgins ranked above CD this week. All the start/sit tools have advised me to bench CD in favor for AB.

Current roster:
QB: Hurts
RB1: Mixon
RB2: Montgomery
WR1: Deebo
WR2: CeeDee
TE: Kelce
Flex 1: A. Jones
Flex 2: RoJo
K: Folk
D: Saints

Bench (only listing viable starts): AB, Higgins, Mitchell

The question is do I risk a not 100% AB or tough defensive matchup Higgins over CD in a too-many-mouths-to-feed offense?

Heart tells me to start my studs that got me here. Brain says listen to the experts that are much smarter than me to tilt.

Any thoughts, if available? Thank you one last time footclan.

I don’t think you can go wrong here since those are all good choices. I think you’re logic with CeeDee is good. AB has a chance for high target share, but he did tweak his ankle this week and against the Jets they might not need him. I think it would be between Higgins and CeeDee for me. KC is a good defense and Burrow could struggle more with them, so you’re taking more of a coin flip if it will be Higgins or Chase with a good game. I think CeeDee is a safe choice … Dallas should put up points, and Arizona has a chance to somewhat keep up so Dal keeps throwing. Arizona Def is good, but has given up some big WR performances over the last few weeks. I’d stick with CeeDee.

Thanks @DiscoStu23.

That is mostly where I stay, but AB is going to be peppered with targets, especially since Evans will be limited.

In keeping CD in, should I pivot off RoJo in favor of AB?

If it’s PPR, maybe there’s a debate there, but I’d still stick with RoJo. TB should be running all day on the Jets and I’d want a piece of that. AB does have a high ceiling if he gets 50% target share again, but I think it’s possible for a low floor if he re-tweaks his ankle or TB goes up big, and that would be enough to scare me away

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Makes sense.

My league is half-PPR.