Why is ware ranked low?

Deciding bewteen ware and breida

Cause they haven’t seen Ware take a full workload since his injury.

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I got the same problem. Leaning towards Ware.

I agree i think his upside is way higher and that what i like in flex

I ge tthe caution but i mean kareem was ranked number 2 on the week so i would think ware would be somewhere around ten.

Also have ekler and gordon so lets see how it goes

They have him at 9 now.

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Hunt and Ware owner. Ware as my flex this week.
I am hoping KC are gonna make this a statement game and feed Ware and get him 2/3 TDs to show the world they are great without Hunt.

Kinda like Conners first game this year for Steelers where he went off. The whole team wanted to prove a point to Lev Bell and they made it easy for Conner to have a monster game.

Haha true. What’s the best way to show that they made the right decision? Set ware up for a crushing game his first time out.

I’m in the same predicament. I’m going Ware based on matchup and I think Seattle’s focus will be on Breida.

Gotta see a full workload to rank him higher.

Also, he is not kareem hunt. Not nearly as dynamic.

While watching the Chiefs game, the commentators mentioned that the Chiefs are planning to be more running back by committee after this game today. Just something to watch out for, might not be bad to pick up Damien Williams as well.

I know some of the consensus composite rankings this morning had a very wide range of outcomes because it seems like some of them were not updated after the news broke (ranked in the 40s/50s. The medians for most guys were in the 1-2 range. Ware’s was at 12 for reference.