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Why isn't Austin Hooper valued higher?


I’m surprised to see most pundits dismissing Austin Hooper. He’s the clear #1 TE for the Falcons this year, correct? Who would you tier him with in a dynasty?


Hooper has talent and intelligence, but this is not a system designed for the TE spot. Best case Hooper picks up Tamme’s numbers from 2016. That would be around total 500 yds and 6 TDs. Fantasy value comes from talent and opportunity. Hooper doesn’t have enough opportunity.


I agree with that, but look who he’s tiered with:

  • Benjamin Watson (old, bad offense)
  • David Njoku (rookie, bad offense)
  • Zach Miller (team drafted a TE, bad offense)
  • Evan Engram (rookie, surprisingly low-TD offense)
  • C.J. Fiedorowicz (Competes with Griffin, bad offense)
  • Jesse James (Looked pretty bad on tape last year, even when LarGreen was out)

You’d slot him into that group?


Yeah, that 500/6 was best case. I would absolutely put him in with these guys, minus James and CJ.

Watson - Not a bad offense anymore, Baltimore has assembled some solid offensive weapons to take pressure off of the middle of the field.

Njoku - The Browns have used the TE position in the past with great effect. See 2015 Barnidge.

Miller - The rookie won’t see a lot of the field until next year, but I don’t have high hopes for Miller.

Engram - The Giants seem to be looking to build a high powered offense this year, we’ll see.


Good points. I have Hooper as my #2 in a 2TE league. I might look to grab a stash-N-stream to help take some pressure off of him.


I too find it amazing that he isnt regarded that highly. Although, I definitely wouldn’t draft him in a redraft I think he will be productive in the next couple of years.


He’s a mediocre TE in an offense that doesn’t use the TE. The chain movers/check down options im that offense are the RBs. I’d definitely take Watson or Njoku over him. Bad offenses and bad/young QBs, are often good for TEs (both will throw a lot, and both offenses have recently supported top 12 TEs).


yeah i wouldnt say Hooper is a bad #2 at all in a 2TE league. Td potential is there when you are on the highest scoring offense in the league. If ur bench allows for it i wouldnt maybe grab someone else to stream like you said.

But i agree with Guiness with his points about those other TE’s.