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Why isn't Kenneth Dixon IR eligible in espn?


Is it because he is also suspended?


Yes. Suspension takes priority over injury.


Man, that’s a huge bummer. I have to burn him on my bench until he’s healthy enough to serve his suspension?


Yup that’s how it works.


Crap, I wonder if I should cut him entirely. Just took him in my dynasty startup.


To me it depends on your depth at RB. I think he is a good player and they said this surgery is actually better for him long term. It’s a gamble but I think he might be worth the stash.


Yeah I’m gonna focus hard on consolidating assets and clearing bench space in an effort to stash him.


Have the Ravens officially placed him on the injured reserve? Just a thought. I haven’t been on ESPN much to see if he has received the IR designation yet.

If I were in the Ravens front office I would keep him on the active roster until after his suspension is served Before placing him on the IR.


I have the same question about what the Ravens have officially done. How would I determine that?


According to the Ravens official site, as of now, he is still on the active roster. I also found a list of all NFL players on IR, as of 7/30 he is not listed.

If he isn’t placed on IR, I don’t think he will receive an “out” designation until the first week of practice leading up to week 1 of the regular season. Maybe the same health designations are used in preseason too? He could possibly be eligible for the fantasy IR week 1 of preseason.


Link me bro



Ravens Player Roster


According to that ravens site, Crockett Gilmore is still active as well so I’m not sure what to make of that.