Why JuJu why

at this point is there anything I could get back for JuJu? Is sterling Sheppard decent?

You have to ride him out till he has a huge game then sell high. Right now he is worth not much.

I Agree 100%, you will never recoup your draft value right now. Keep riding him out. If you trade JuJu for sterling shepherd you’re making a large mistake. Not saying he can’t be a good WR2 rest of season but Golden Tate is coming back now which will take away his targets and could you ever forgive yourself if JuJu goes off and you traded him away for a giants WR???

Stay put and wait out for a big game. There are people in your league who are big JuJu believers are just waiting for a huge game to say “I told you so”, people like Jason Moore! Target those people who will pay up for him after a great game.