Why Melvin Gordon

What do us Gordon owners do??? Why Denver??? I wanted to trade a Gordon in hopes of him going to a better situation. That didn’t happen but he’s still the primary back in a RBBC (I think). So does he have value? Or should I just hold and see? My thought is if I trade I can go after David Montgomery who is younger and still has potential.


really just attaching myself to this post to get answers to the same question

I actually like this okay for Gordon. Definitely could have been better, but it sure could have been worse. He lands on a young and growing offense. I like that. He does not have much different value than he did IMHO. I think the usage will be similar. Maybe a bit less, but you cannot tell me Ekeler is worse than Lindsey.

That said, I would explore the Mopportunity side just for youth and a potential lead back with more of a potential path for a large market share. But if it is not looking like a win for you in the trade, I would not be too afraid of Melle this season. I still think he should be in the RB2 convo, with a shot at low end RB1. I can see this as a boost to DEN in the long run.

Not that it matters, but I did put my money where my mouth is on DEN. I just landed Lindsey in one of my leagues because of the discounted price. The low price helps, no doubt, but I think he is a RB2/RB3. There is no need to be overly worried.

Just to reiterate on this, it is a bit of a hit to Gordon because of a new team. Otherwise, I do not see any panic scenario. Just assume he will be a RB1/RB2 for the year and things will be okay. Sell him if you can get value, but ride him if you cannot get something you like.

It does make you think, though. What if he just took the LAC offer last offseason…

I hope this helps!

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