Why, Melvin?

Gordon and Ware injuries have me looking at my bench for replacements if they can’t go. Right now I have in Fournette, Ware and Jones in my flex.

Put these three in order. Standard scoring.

Jones @ Chi
Incredible talent but horrible matchup and Williams looming
Mack vs Dal
The clear starting RB in a good offense but lack of efficiency lately
Martin @ Cin
Best matchup of the 3 but… Oakland.


I have Gordon too, and Mack. Yeah, its rough, got Ekeler and Jackson too, just wish Melvin was healthy, he got me a bye.

I think you have the right order. Jones is the best back.

Mack is on the best offense regardless of the matchup. The JAX game was an aberration, the wind was swirling around the stadium that day. Luck’s game log is clear, except for that one game he’s been rock solid the last 10 games. Anybody on a great offense can fall into the endzone, and he’s at home, they’re playing for a playoff spot. I basically follow the Colts due to fantasy. I have Luck, Ebron, Hilton, and Mack. I’m not excited about Mack but he could have a big game just because of what team he’s on.

Martin has been pretty good recently. I just don’t like the Raiders, and due to standard scoring I think Mack being on the better offense would be the tiebreaker for me. Martin has been better the last few weeks, not by much though. If anyone chose Martin over Mack I would totally understand, Martin just would not be my guy though.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for the feedback! Luckily, or unluckily depending how you look at it, my opponent this week has all his Chiefs and Chargers players going early this Thursday (Mahomes, Hill, Keenan, Butker) so I’ll have a pretty good idea if I need to play high risk high reward.

I also have T.Y on my team. How do you think he does this week? I have Evans going against Baltimore and don’t think I’ll get much out of him so I need Hilton to go off this week.

Hilton is on a tear, traded for him right before his 2td game. I have the highest confidence in him, even against Dallas. The Colts have a legit shot at the playoffs, they’re gonna play like madmen this week. He at least has a 12 floor the way he has been playing of late, I think he has a couple big games to end the fantasy season.

Hilton has a different injury each week. Hope his new injury isnt serious.

He was on the injury report almost every week a couple years ago too, didn’t miss a game. Helped me win a championship that season. He missed a couple this season due to his hamstring, but he typically plays through injures without a problem.