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Why no one uses NFL.com leagues?


Hi there footclan, last year I played my first FF season ever (God is good) and the group of friends that invited me uses the NFL.com fantasy platform for that standard league (where Im the champion now)…

Just curious why the most of the ballers prefer the ESPN, Yahoo, etc platforms instead of NFL.com? I tried with a second league in ESPN and I like it but couldn’t see a really big advantage beside all the info that you can find in the phone app, but I pretty much cover that listening to the FFBallers podcast so no big deal. Any opinions ?


I don’t think their rankings are great, and their mobile app is a little awkward to use. It mostly comes down to personal preference. I mainly use Yahoo simply because that’s the platform I started with. I’ve tried leagues on all three sites and Yahoo remains my favorite, for no particularly good reason.


I’m rarely on their site, but from what I remember NFL.com is plagued by auto-play video ads. True?


Its all personal preference as the wise and sage dahmus said. I actually love the cbs app, even thought i get shit for it in the fantasy community. First loves are hard to say no to right? It all comes down to what you like. If you like app a over app b, fuck em who cares what anyone says.


I prefer the ESPN site for the sole purpose that is shows live scoring and the ability to change from game to game. I use all the site and each has its perks. It all depends on what your preference.


I haven’t played on NFL.com in probably 5-6 years so I can’t really speak to what the current version is, but I just didn’t like the interface and layout design at the time. I also remember all the pop up ads on the site that Mr. Butterface was referring to.

Being a commissioner, I like using ESPN for all the things I can do with the LM Note to make the league page look good.

I switched our league from Yahoo back in 2011 because we wanted to use Team QBs, which they didn’t have at the time. Right now all my leagues are on ESPN and I have one on MFL.


I’ve been playing 4 years and only ever used NFL, I don’t have any issues with it really apart from the annoying videos on the live scoring screen.
Using ESPN for a couple of new leagues this year so I’ll have something to compare it with after this season.


Yeah thats true their rankings are awful (Fabiano cant see anything right but the obvious mainly) but that is even somehow an advantage for me once I use another experts as my guide (FFBs)…

Its just that maybe because is the very first I use cant see that many flaws, is easy going and for the phone app runs fairly fast. Anyhow we can say that the most of the people barely use it in comparison of other options.


I actually really like the NFL.com site. I’ve been a commissioner of a 10 team league for 3 years now going on four. The formats/scoring systems are easily adaptable, it’s flexible and easy to use and I really like the icons.


I am in leagues on Yahoo, Fantrax, ESPN, and NFL. They all have goods and bads but NFL’s is probably the weakest out of those 4. Like someone said, video ads and garbage everywhere. I’m not sure if they still run flash or use HTML 5 but a lot of the time content doesn’t even load on my current Macbook properly. Yahoo and ESPN are pretty close for me at #1 and Fantrax is good once you conquer the learning curve (although their new layout is way more user friendly).


I use NFL.com - don’t find any issue with it. App isn’t flawless but does the trick.


I’ve been in a standard league for 6 years that uses NFL.com. I’ve been in another league on Yahoo since I started playing. I’ve tried ESPN, but that was just a gen public redraft league. I started my own league last season using Yahoo.


Sorry if this was mentioned but I liked NFL.com leagues until last year when they “updated” the app and now it’s just confusing (especially if you used the message board) and in my opinion doesn’t look as nice as ESPN. Did one league on yahoo 2 years ago and it was a black background interface which I disliked very much but apparently that has changed now.