Why such an auction draft value difference vs Fantasy Pros

Not just Fantasy Pros, the ballers auction draft values are significantly lower than I am finding on other sites as well. Gurley 57 vs 74, Bell 59 vs 72. They don’t start to get comparable until around RB 9-10 with Barkley and Hunt. I a curious if anyone has an idea why there is such a discrepancy? If I wait until I am drafting anywhere near the ballers values all the top players will be off the board. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are the auction budgets the same across those websites?

74 for Gurley seems high. I would think that the Ballers values are closer to what I’ve seen in the past. Although I have not done an auction this year. Maybe people are over spending for top tier RBs.

Action budgets are all for 200. It is really compounded by the fact my league overspends for the top tier guys as it is. I am still trying to figure out if there is a way to be competitive without overspending. I just can’t see a likely road to a championship without having a couple of those top tier guys.

Yahoo matches up much closer.

Getting those top tier guys is not necessarily a bad idea. You can find lots of articles called ‘Stars and Scrubs’ or ‘Studs and Scrubs’ to help deal with this strategy.