Why the hate for Emmanuel Sanders? Big trade opportunity?

He’s the #3 WR across all formats right now. Yet hes #19 on consensus rest of season rankings. He’s ranked near / behind guys like TY Hilton who has 80 PPR points on the year, he has 140. I understand the arguments about regression, but when will we start giving this guy some respect? Why are we expecting soo much more regression with him than Thielen, Hill, Hopkins, or Beckham? He’s top 12 in targets, catches and receiving yards, and nowhere close in TDs (which are notoriously more flukey), if anything youd expect with that many targets, catches and yards, he would regress positively into more TDs. What am I missing?

As im considering either trading for him or trading him away, im trying to understand what the right value for him ought to be…

Same boat here. I thought about trading him for Diggs given latters recent low output. I looked at stats and schedule and Sanders’ schedule is so much better. Obviously given Chad Kelly arrest there wont be a qb change. I am riding it out and I wont get return value. Im not sure why nobody is trying to trade me to get him. Like Marvin Jones last year in some ways.

Yep, I don’t get it either… People are saying injuries and age are the problem with Sanders. I see him as a top 10 this year and i would look to get him if you can as people are down on him

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I totally get Hilton over him ROS. Better qb on arguably a worse team equals throw, throw, throw. Denver is a run first team. Hilton only has 80 because he has missed time. It doesn’t mean he will out score him by seasons end, just ROS.

I expect Sanders to regress but not much. He should shake out somewhere along the WR10-15 range. I do worry he might at some point miss a game as he’s limped off after plays more than once this season already and it’s possible he is traded still. I still wish I had more of him in my lineups at his draft day price.

Think about every person you would prefer to start over sanders. Then you’ll realize you’ve named 12-15 guys. And that’s why. So SELL high or enjoy the fruits of a wr1 in the 6-7 round.