Why the hate for Landry?

The entire season, I have been perplexed at the lack of respect Landry gets in fantasy. He is FAR FAR and away the most underrated fantasy player in PPR to me. It seems that people value him as like a WR3/flex option rather than the low end WR1-high end WR2 that he baiscally is every single week. His floor is arguably the highest of any WR in PPR, he’s top 3 in receptions and targets, and top 10 in TDs. He’s been a top 10 WR basically the entire year.

If anyone thinks I am overvaluing Landry in PPR formats please answer and tell me why. I am truly curious what others have to say on this…my league mates don’t value him like I think they should either, so I’m beginning to think this is some sort of blind spot I have. Please give me any thoughts you have on this and explain why I shouldn’t value him as a top 10 WR. If I think literally everyone else is wrong but think I’m the correct one, then it’s probably true that I just have this one wrong… Thanks for the input!

NOTE: I understand in standard leagues he is not close to a WR1, I’m only talking PPR