Why the Reagor hype?

Ca someone explain the hype on Reagor hype? I don’t get it. He barely ran faster than a 4.5, and is under 6’ yet he’s expected to be a deep threat? I get he has great opportunity but so did a lot of other 1 round busts.

He was a burner in college but reportedly put on 10 lbs of water weight right before the combine which hurt his time. He didn’t have great stats in college which is largely attributed to bad qb play. If you watch his highlights he’s super explosive. Additionally, philly’s wr corps is brutal (Old, slow Alshon on PUP, Desean maybe staying healthy, JJ Arcega Whiteside looking awful last year, and Greg Ward who shouldn’t be more than a #3 or #4 receiver). He has the best opportunity off all of the rookie WRs to contribute immediately. To be determined if he does.

Talent + Opportunity.

The eagles at WR are hyping up Greg Ward to start week 1 opposite DeSean Jackson. There’s immense opportunity there. He’s also talented. His QB situation was about as bad as it could be last year and he was still a bad ass.