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Wide receiver help full ppr


Full point ppr, need to start 2 out of Pryor, demaryius and Amendola…feel like I need a big game this week playing 5-0 team…which 2?


I would play amendola and Thomas. Pryor has not been playing well this year. Amendola and Thomas may not get huge yards but will get many targets.


Not sure who your qb is but stacking a wr with your qb would give double credits for same yardage. I try to stack whenever I play a stronger team.


Funny you say that…cousins is my qb…


With this match up off the bye, Pryor and also D. Thomas.


That’s where I’ve been and trying not to tinker even with the Jenkins matchup…lol…hoping Pryor and cousins go back to week one but actually connect!