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Wide receiver help


In a 1/2 point ppr and I’m not sure who to start at Wide Receiver out of the following: Garcon, Diggs, Martavis Bryant.

Bryant obviously has the highest upside but i dont like big ben on the road, Diggs usually rakes in PPR but I think the Saints D has improved, and Garcon is very safe but not too much upside, thoughts?


I disagree with garcon’s upside. I think he’s gonna be a PPR monster this year. I like diggs but you’re right about the saints. Plus with theilen in the slot, he’s now the go to I think. And Bryant’s gonna be great, but like you said, on the road, just off his suspension, I need a week or two before I’m super confident that he’s the guy we all know and love. I think garcon is your best choice. I’m starting him in several leagues, I think he has a very fair matchup with the chance to catch 7 balls.


Yea exactly, everyone is saying that Bryant is just going to be this monster, he hasn’t played in over a year I have depth to wait and see on him a little. Totally forgot about Thielen and Sammy Biscuts can only throw so many passes, I’ll likely go Garcon


If he plays a full 16, I think he will be a solid WR2 for sure. With the potential of being that monster. It just may take a second.


week one I’d play Bryant probably your higher pick as well