Wide Receiver Tilt

.5 ppr who to play?!

Darnell Mooney, Deandre Carter, Amron St Brown
I am starting Heinicke at QB.
I need ceiling!

Ick - I think Brown has the best chance for upside w/ all the injuries

This is where I was leaning due to the volume and matchup. However, I like the potential upside of the stack with Carter. Plus my opponent has McLaurin. Could kill two birds with one stone if Carter gets that work and Terry has a bad game but feel like I’m getting to caught up in that aspect.

… if Robinson is out, I suppose Mooney adds to your tilt, too.

Now I say all this to say I have AJ Brown would you start him over any of the other options. Personally I’m not excited about the matchup or the fact he’s still in a snap count.

Ooph… Please scroll down to see my tilt question re TE & 2 flex :rofl: … The difference for me is I’m more looking for floor. Limited snap and Buffalo makes upside seem unlikely.

I just checked out your situation! I left you a response idk if it helps a lot.

I’m not excited about AJ’s upside myself either but if he plays 65% of snaps or more he only needs one play. They are going to be playing from behind.