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Wide Receivers 13-17


Is it just me or is this a really barfy part of the draft? I feel like once you get to this portion of the draft, roughly the start of the third round, the options pretty much all seem like reaches and have huge question marks. Basically we are talking about everyone after Baldwin/Cooper/Hilton, though some may take issue with them as well. I also exclude D Thomas, as the Ballers have him as their 12th and I feel like I can buy in given the slightly later ADP and that he feels pretty darn safe with some prospect of upside, but he could definitely be included with these guys below.

Based on the Ballers rankings:

13- Alshon Jeffery: Awful soft tissue injury history, I have a real hard time believing I’m going to get 16 games out of him, especially since he’s already having injury issues in the preseason. But even ignoring this, he comes to a pretty “meh” passing offence which ranked 24th in the league last year.

14- Terrelle Pryor: seems like he’s being drafted at his absolute ceiling. Early reports have Crowder ahead of him on the depth chart, Reed is the #1 target, so Pryor is potentially the #3 target in this offence. Also Josh Doctson will have a substantial role. Huge bust potential at this spot.

15- Deandre Hopkins: why am I drafting last year’s wr36, and wr43 by ppg in the third round as the wr14? Go ahead and blame Osweiler, but I’m not sure that Tom Savage is an upgrade. The injury to Will Fuller makes me feel somewhat better about him.

16- Brandin Cooks: There are way too many mouths to feed in New England, and he is too much of a boom/bust play for me to feel good about him at all. Gronk, Edelman, Dwayne Allen, Malcolm Mitchell, Chris Hogan, and 3 pass catching running backs. Where does Cooks fit in? Hell if I know. Unless he basically usurps Edelman, which I don’t think will happen, I don’t think you will be happy with drafting Cooks as the wr12 at the end of the 2nd round (!).

17- Allen Robinson: Similar to Hopkins: why am I drafting last year’s wr28 and wr37 by ppg? At least he’s dropping to the end of the 4th, but still, what has changed from last year that makes me believe he will return value at this spot? The defence should be improved, the teams is looking to be more run-heavy, and Bortles looks god awful and is in risk of getting the hook. All of those factors point to a worse year, not a better one.

I look at all of these guys and they just seem gross. But then again, I don’t have any really stellar candidates to put before them. It almost seems like avoiding wr at this point in the draft is the way to go.

What does everybody think?