Wide Receivers - can you help me decide who to play?

Standard League

Woo my first post, although I’ve been a member for a while.

Made playoffs by the skin of my teeth and playing against a commish who has vetoed any trade he thinks would hurt his team (yeah don’t worry - not playing in this league next year).

I’m playing him this week and my life’s goal right now is to bump him out of playoffs. Vengeance shall be mine.

Sadly, I lost K. Hunt this week like a lot of people but still have a great corps of Running Backs. I’ve got Kamara, Chubb and Edwards all in my lineup and Kerryon Johnson on my bench, along with Spencer Ware.

My wide receivers are a bit more challenging.

My WR1 is TY Hilton.

Now, who to put into my WR2 is my issue. My choices are:
Dante Pettis
Josh Reynolds
DaeSean Hamilton

Right now I’ve got Pettis in there, because Garcon is out and Chris Harris, the CB, is out apparently. But now Goodwin is back.

Thoughts on what to do here? Reynolds hasn’t shown a lot yet and Chicago DEF is stout. Hamilton totally untested - was initially just considering him as a stash in case he blows up, but there’s been talk about him as a slot guy, getting targets, etc.


Petis is a good WR. Should be fine. I thought about picking him up as a block for my deficient opponent at WR but could not let Kenneth Dixon go.