Wider receiver strength (or lack of more like it)

Afternoon all!

I really need to strengthen at WR in my standard league.

I have Baldwin, Julio Jones and Ginn.

Should I go for Bruce Ellington, Parker, Dede Westbrook, Corey Coleman, Malkin or Crowder? They’re some of the names available.

My RB options are Hunt, crowel, Martin, woodhead, Jordan Howard and Drake, who would you drop from here or package for someone else?

The receivers i like from that list are Parker, Maclin and Coleman, in that order. Parkers been good this year and schedule is good, definatly need to pick him up. Maclins schedule is good going forward. And Coleman has upside, but may be Boom Bust based on matchup. When it comes to RBs, thats tough, cause besides Hunt and Howard, they’re all in same range. But since its standard and he’s been hurt, I’d drop Woodhead first to pick up Parker. After that, idk, I like Drakes upside and Crowells been good last few weeks, while Martins struggled, but he’s a hard drop. Hope this helps, thanks for your advice and Good Luck!!

Guy in my league wants to trade Hogan for woodhead. Recon I should accept?

Would you pick any of the above over ted Ginn?

Maybe take that Trade and then drop Ginn for Parker. That’s what I’d do. Ginns too Boom Bust for me

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