Wildcard Predictions! Sunday edition!

Chargers by 2, Bears by 5

You’re 3 for 3 so far, right?

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Yup. Just need da bears to win for a perfect weekend!

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If you ask me, the Seahawks’ game plan was horrible. I traded for Wilson halfway through the season because I figured by the end of the season the Seahawks would realize they cannot live by the run and limit Wilson, their best offensive weapon, to handing the ball off and an occasional deep pass to Lockett. I guess I was wrong. I’ll be interested to see if they keep Schottenheimer as the OC.

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We’ll see this offseason. I agree with you though, the Seahawks offensive game plan was not great in that playoff game and they needed to adjust in the second half

Dang it Cody Parkey. Ruined my perfect Wildcard Weekend

YEP!!! I had this stinking feeling when it was all gonna depend on Parkey. With his history…NOPE…not AT ALL surprised. Was thinking during those last 10 seconds that I would HATE, HATE, HATE to know I had to depend on him to win me the game.

Seriously doubt that little guy has a job right about now. AND…can’t imagine ANYBODY wanting to pick him up for next year either.

Could only imagine Nagy and Truby’s thoughts at that exact moment: “All my hard work to turn this God Forsaken team around…for it to come down to THIS!!!” :unamused:


A lot of this is on how bad that Chi offense was. Trubisky looked bad most of the game

Yeah @DoddSquad…I was pretty much talking about leading up to this game. That…he and Nagy got them at least into the P/O’s for the first time in forever.

AND…Mack was pretty much invisible the biggest part of the game as well.

I don’t agree. The defense did their job. Philly only put up 16 points. Chi defense generated a couple of turnovers

Oh definitely. BUT…I think if Mack had been more involved, PHI wouldn’t have even gotten that much. Foles was struggling quite a bit with turn-overs. With Mack in there would have prob been more than there was.

He was third on the team in tackles, had 1 TFL and 2 qb hits

LOL…not meaning it to sound like I’m DISAGREEING with you my friend. IDK…just wasn’t as productive a night as Mack usually has, but then again…kinda been that way with a lot of the teams this weekend.

Reckon the coaching staffs were prob trying to go somewhat easy on their KEY players to save them for the SB if they made it that far. Were playing them just enough to barely get the win. The IND/HOU game was the only one with a huge final point spread. The rest of the games were fairly close…especially with the NFC.

I just put zero blame on the D. They gave up less than 50 yds rushing. Generated 2 more TOs than the opposing defense. They were very much let down by their offense and it’s almost a waste of a season because Chicago has an unprecedented Super Bowl caliber defense

Well…unfortunately at this point, I reckon we just have to wait and see what next year brings for them. Whatever or whoever should be shouldering the biggest part of the blame for tonight’s game being the FINALITY of their really great season is pretty much neither here nor there at this point.

Just really hoping they come back next year full of steam again, and that this wasn’t all she wrote for them!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’ll depend on Aaron Rodgers and who his head coach is. I don’t trust the Vikings or Lions. It’s gonna be GB or Chi the next 5 years or so in that division

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Hope you’re right. I’d really like to see this team do and be something again.
And that’s coming from someone who isn’t a BIG FAN of the city of CHICAGO per se (for personal reasons). LOL

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Ya idc about Chicago really. My father in law is a big fan and I like the history of the team so I follow em.

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Yeah…depending on the age of your father-in-law, he prob remembers back when CHI was one of the HOTTEST teams in the NFL. Back in the 80’s when THE FRIDGE was a household name. (Refrigerator Perry).

LOL…they even made a movie about them starring Goldy Hawn and some of the actual players. (LOL…ok…now I’m showing “my” age.) :roll_eyes: