Wildcard Predictions!

Colts by 5, Cowboys by 6. Who do you guys got winning today?

going opposite: Texans by 3, seahawks by 4.

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It’s all Indy right now tho. Got all the momentum, especially after that 4th down pick

Just having their way!

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That Indy O line is so dominant

Where is Mack going next year? Watching him I’m really interested in him. 4th round RB?

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Wouldn’t surprise me. He has a lot of upside

Yeah, I drafted Mack this year. BUT…bam…almost right off the bat he was hurt and out for the ROS. :unamused:

LOL…no…not ROS…sorry y’all LOL. But for weeks and weeks. :roll_eyes:

I got Mack just before he came back and he was good, but I kept having a hard time trusting him. Finally I traded him away, partly because I already had 3 other Colts and wanted to divest. But when he’s healthy and playing he always seems to make an impact.


He is hard to trust because of injuries and for awhile the Colts weren’t sure how to use their backfield

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The Colts have a balanced offense with Mack and Hines, their O-line is playing lights out, and their defense seems legit. They seem like a team no one would want to play right now. Do you give them a good shot next week in KC?

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Definitely if they can run the ball well and play keep away from Mahomes. You can’t out score KC at Arrowhead.

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Yeah…exactly. IND is HOT, but…against KC…WOW…LOL…IDK!!! As you said @DoddSquad:

Think it will DEFINITELY be a good one to watch!!!