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I’ve seen a guy trade Ingram and Julio Jones for his Kareem Hunt. I feel it’s time to part with him, but who should I target for a trade offer?
My squad is:

QB are Prescott and Wentz
WR Hilton, Keenan Allen, Fuller, Baldwin, Diggs
RB Hunt, Martin, McKinnon, buck Allen, David Johnson
TE gronk
Def Seattle
Kicker new England

You could try a package deal and get a top tier WR like Brown, Green, Hopkins. Even try 2 for 2 for 2 for 1 and move TY with the Luck News. Personally I just traded Hunt for Brown and Murray 2 for 1. Hope this helps.

Guy in my.league has Melvin Gordon and Julio Jones
My other targets being:
Another team has Freeman and Gurley
Another team has bell and Nelson
Another team has brown, McCaffrey, kamara
And another team has McCoy, Howard and Hogan

If you could get Melvin AND Julio don’t even hesitate

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Why am I so nervous about this trade offer?

Should I just offer Hunt or should i put Keenan Allen or Ty hilton in there too?

Because it’s like that with EVERY trade. Especially the ones where two people could end up happy lol. It’s Always easy to send the bs trades.

Shoot if you can do it for just hunt thatd be sweet but you might need a little kicker of a wr. I wouldn’t necessarily be so “do it” if you had to attach a quality name Like the ones you mentioned

I’ve taken the plunge and gone for Jones and Melvin for Hunt and Hilton. The guys a colts fan so I’m hoping he will bite

The owner of Gordon wants to keep him. So I’ve offered Hilton for Jones

Keep Hunt!! He never gets dropped for losses. He is always catching balls. If I were to trade anyone on your team I would be getting rid of Gronk, Fuller and diggs. You could get a decent RB back and maybe a WR better than the two you traded. What is your record?

Funnily enough, the guy who wants to keep Gordon has offered Julio Jones and Ertz for Gronk and McKinnon

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Thing is, he’s not being used as much as he was, especially on 3rd down. I just feel like I could get better at the moment.

I’m 2nd in my league and have close matches each week, I just want him making a difference like fournette is doing. High teens and twenties with his points week in week out

I would just be careful with gronk in the long run… He is great but you can get burned like many people late in the season when gronks injuries flare up. You could get almost any player you want for gronk and a small piece

I like the julio deal but if you can get Ertz, Julio and a flexable RB for your bench by adding buck to the deal

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