Will Bell turn it around?

The next 5 games he’s facing the worst run defences in football.

The problem is it seems defences are stacking the box to force Darnold to throw and make rookie mistakes

Is trading for Bell worth it? I’m 3-5 and have the option to acquire him, but I’m worried it might make my team worse lol

Please help footclan!

Depends on your team make up. Bell is tied to the Jets O so as they go he goes… if you’re desperate for RB help it may be worth it but if you’re RB stable I’d avoid.

I’m just speaking more in general on what the outlook is on Bell.

I’ve only got Carson right now and I am thinking to move him for Bell. Bells schedule for the next 5 games is considerably better than Carson on paper, and carson also has his bye still.

I’m 3-5 and looking to shake things up, hoping for a big play

He was open on a lot of potential checkdowns yesterday but Darnold rather take the sack or force it downfield. Adam gase is a moron too. Bell is doomed with these clowns

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