Will David Johnson play again this season?

I’m heartbroken that Aaron Jones has been picked from waivers right under my nose by the guy who is top of our standard league at 7-0

I’ve held onto DJ as I thought he might be worth using towards the end of the season, but with cardinals in the state they’re in, would they bother or is he even scheduled for a return?

I’m thinking of offering TY Hilton and DJ for Aaron Jones.

To be honest, I need a RB as I’m short.

Roster is Wentz and Prescott at QB
Hunt, Martin, DJ and buck Allen at RB
Hilton, Baldwin, Diggs, Julio Jones, Fuller and Keenan Allen at WR.

What do you think?

I don’t think DJ plays this year with how their record will prob tank now that Palmer is out.

If your 7-0,6-1 and have an IR spot no reason to not hold on and just see if he comes back for playoffs. But if your in need of a piece to win now… I’d def trade him.

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I don’t have an IR and I’m lacking RBs. Kelley and Abdullah are the only decent options left, but I’m wondering if DJ could be used as bait for a lower placed team if packaged with one of my WR?

why not trade wentz or prescott for a RB if you feel like you need one? you can only start 1 qb each week

I think that’s a good call. It’s basically a coin toss, but I don’t think DJ plays again. There is simply no point in risking him with no shot at the play offs. Being in a division with the Rams AND Seahawks virtually eliminates that chance IMO.

Yeah… ALWAYS shop players you plan on dropping for a day or two… If no bites then pick up what you need. So yeah shop him out to a team that’s 7-0,6-1… Someone who might want to take the chance on a return for the playoffs and get you a usable flex or bye week piece

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I have this same issue. I have no more clarity than anyone else. I think David Johnson returns after thanksgiving, they work him back slowly. They have maybe 5 games to use him for the remainder of the fantasy season, maybe he has a couple decent games, but with Stanton or Gabbert his value drops. Palmer maybe be back by Christmas is the latest news I think so that could help him a little.
I would like to say they make him a healthy scratch for the ROS and save him for next year. But I really do not see how they can do that with season ticket holders and fans, even for a team with a loosing record clamoring for him to return and Bruce Arians knowing his best weapon is healthy on the bench.
If you have playoff hopes, keep him or try to trade him. I am 2-5 and just hoping to get over 500. I will be trying to shop him or drop him. The RB waiver prospects for my league are weak as well, with D. Lewis, Smallwood, and A. Collins topping the list.

If someone has some better insight or knows of a similar situation with another team in the past I would like to hear it cuz it is a situation I did not wish to deal with once he was injured by I was holding on tightly to that glimmer of home haha.

Thanks for the input. I might see if I can do a straight up trade for Jones.

I am in the same boat, my plan is if I am close to the playoffs two weeks out I will go to the top two teams and offer to trade DJ since I am sure we will have more information then.


Thanks for the info dudes

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