Will Dissly?

So am i the only one with a skeptical feeling on dropping Dissly since there has been no conformation of torn Achilles yet? Is this just Seattle dragging their feet on reporting or possibility that it wasn’t a rupture?

It has already been confirmed that he’ll miss the rest of the season

he’s done. Guy I work with is a Seattle fan, so keeps up to date on all things team related. He’s done unless there’s a miracle. Plus Seattle gets Dickson back at TE, so they’ll just end him

There’s no if, he’s undergoing season-ending surgery lol

I’m not arguing that is the most reasonable answer, but its strange that this was a Sunday injury and there has been no “official statement” on it outside of Carroll saying barring a miracle. Just seems odd

I think they’re just deciding what surgery/if he really needs it. If he doesn’t have it, he’s still out few months. If he does, season over. Like they said tho, it’ll take a miracle for him to play again this season

completely agree just didnt want to drop him for a flyer until there was something offical im set at TE snagged Hunter Henry a week ago

I’m so confused about why you guys are acting like this is still up in the air. It was announced literally an hour ago that he’s having season-ending surgery. No need to hold on to him

Insert Dumb & Dumber clip: “So, you’re saying there a chance?”