Will Dissly

So with the Baldwin injury, there is only so many targets left in that offense. Will Dissly had himself a day and was much more targeted than Nick Vannett. Should he be the pickup? George Kittle is also available and I feel like his floor is a lot safer than Dissly’s

I have two players to consider for dropping for either- Anthony Miller and David Njoku

Anthony Miller seemed to be really good this preseason and I think if they weren’t playing to lose in the second half that he would have had more respectable numbers.

David Njoku stunk up the place(albeit in bad weather conditions). He did get hurt and didn’t seem to be reliable catching the ball.

So of the 4 players who should be on my team in week 2?

I’d drop Njoku for Kittle because I don’t keep multiple TEs in the roster and I really like Kittle’s floor.

But is Anthony Miller worth dropping for Dissly? If Dissly breaks out (with no Baldwin available a real possibility) I think Miller is good but I dont see many opportunities for him with Robinson, Gabriel and Burton ahead of him in the pecking order.

I wouldn’t worry about Dissly. Imagine if everyone went for Mercedes Lewis last season when he had that 3 TD game.