Will Fuller and Carlos hyde for kareem hunt?

I would be the one receiving Hunt.

I don’t think the gap between Hyde and Hunt right now is wide enough to warrant giving Fuller away in that trade. Hyde is getting work. Ravens have a good Run D. Andy Reid has a tendency to forget Hunt exists. Will Fuller is pretty awesome. I wouldn’t sell Hyde and Fuller for Hunt.


How are your wr looking? Is fuller a wr2 or consistent flex for you? I don’t mind this trade, in fact I kind of like it, if you’ve got the depth to cover.

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Thats why I didn’t pick hunt in the draft but he’s seemed more consistent than I would expect, and Im worried about Hyde’s touchdown dependency because he hasn’t gone over a 100 yards this year, Im not sure if he can keep this up. (plus he’s injury prone)

Are you flush in WRs that you can offer Fuller?

I got hilton, fuller, lockett, keelan cole, mike williams, Coutee, and taylor gabriel.

Yea if there is like a Christian Kirk on your waiver, or someone like that or better I’d pull the trigger for hunt. It’s always team dependent.

basically have a bunch of boom or bust receivers

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See I’d keep Fuller and shop Coutee and Cole to those who lack WRs and have extra RBs.

Out of curiosity what are your RBs?

I have melvin gordon, fournette, hyde, collins, mike davis

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Yea you should be good to do that. I’m always comfortable with trading away second class wr to upgrade a rb. Give me the crazy offense chiefs be for sure. I like it. Plus remember, Fuller is too fast for his hamstrings and never plays the full(er) year.


Felix has a point without a doubt. I like Fuller a lot but Fournette seems super injury prone so turning a Hyde into a Hunt is nice for your team. Locket seems to be consistent too I have him in many leagues.

I was trying to ship lockett because i thought he was done once baldwin came back but he seems to be here to stay so that really opens my options

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The guy I’m trading for has a thing for fuller because I stole him from him in the draft so it just makes it that much better

Me too man. I actually dropped locket instead of Keelan Cole or Mike Williams in one league because I thought Baldwin would be a problem.

also have been offered a.j green and tarik cohen for fournette, i would want to hold fournette if I’m gonna make the playoffs but if not i may have to pull the trigger on that too.

Weather right or wrong. My favorite thing to do is package two guys for one guy. Particularly early round draft players that aren’t performing. Sure sometimes it might leave you on the outside looking in (thanks a lot mike Evans 2017) but it usually works out. And you can get to a point you don’t have start sit decision. That’s always nice.

I kept him in the most important leagues. Like James Conner I took Locket everywhere. The one I dropped him in is a 10 man single flex full PPR. I’ll try and get him back but I doubt it. I don’t need him I have Diggs and JuJu

Woah, if you could pull off both of those I’d do it I think. You’d have Hunt to slot in, and aj green. Yes please.

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I wish the guy had a little better of a rb than cohen though nothing special just a more middle of the pack guy i may have to do it because my team slipped this week with injuries