Will Fuller for Austin Eckeler?

1/2 ppr league. I feel like stacked at WR but could use some help at RB. I would be received Eckeler in this situation.

RB: David Johnson, Aaron Jones, Phillip Lindsey and Lamar Miller

WR: Michael Thomas, Adam Thielen, Will Fuller, Kenny Golladay, TY Hilton.

What do you guys think? I’m usually not good with trades and rarely offer or accept them haha. Thanks!

I prefer fuller to ekeler by a decent margin (higher on him than most) but given your situation, I don’t mind the trade. 3 RBs is a little thin and you’re super stacking at WR, not even sure fuller makes your starting line up that often anyway.

I also thought of offering a trade to the Saquon Barkley owner also. The rest of my team is Jared Goff, Andrew Luck, Greg Olsen and Trey Boo-Boo. So who would be a respectable package offer for Barkley?

If they need a QB or TE, take one of those and add it to a package deal involving like DJ + one of your WRs not named MT/Thielen. Probably not enough but doesn’t hurt to try.

Or could try something like Lindsay + Thielen.