Will Fuller or

I play in an 8-team league so our waiver wire typically is full of gold…or fool’s gold. I need help at WR as Larry Fitz and Chris Hogan have sinking value. Here are some players available to me:

Will Fuller
Mike Williams

How would you rank them rest of season and how much would you bid on each?

@MikeMeUpp PLEASE help me sort out these WRs on the waiver wire.

I royally screwed up my draft this year. This is my week to swing for the fences and try to turn things around. I’m 1-1, but have not scored well and now I have health concerns for Fournette, Mixon and Fitzgerald. Oofda!

It’s half PPR, BTW.

Golladay, Fuller, Cole, would be my picks

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Depends what you need. If you need production right away:

Cole, Golladay, Fuller would be my top acquires.

If you have the ability to take a flier on Gordon, I’d do it. High risk high reward.

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I think Gordon needs to be owned for upside alone. Wouldn’t really call a bench stash for free (obviously a roster spot) high risk, but obviously Cole and golliday are all ready putting up good numbers and need to be owned as well

I like that call. In evaluating my team, I don’t think I’m in a position to stash someone with much volatility. Normally I would be all in on Gordon for his potential, but now I feel like I need players who can get me through the next 3-4 weeks. With my current team I don’t have the luxury of putting much hope in Gordon, though I see the high upside potential for sure.

I’d get Cole if that’s the case. Going up against Titans at home, bortles is much better at home. Also, Cole is going to be drawing Butler in coverage who has been atrocious and been getting burned all season. He’s let up like 200 yards and 3 TDs in coverage. Either Cole or Dede are going to have a huge game. I’m betting on Cole.

Chris Godwin and DJax are also available. Do you stay in the flames with Fitzmagic?

Love Godwin. Have loved him all off season. I was assuming Godwin would basically win out that 2nd job but Djax has just exploded onto the scene so I can’t be blind to that. Depends on rest of your roster but if you want stability, I’d prefer Godwin and if you need ceiling, then DJax is also fine. Djax/fuller are kind of the same player although I like how fuller is being used in intermediate game as well. They’re all in the same tier for me. ANd you should really be picking up / dropping / playing based on match-ups and your team composition for that week.

EDIT: This is a fact and something I’ve been saying all off season. Buccs WRs are better with Fitzmagic than they are with Winston. Only position that benefits more from Winston is TE. Everyone else does better with Fitz. So as long as fitz is playing, I’m buying Buccs WRs.

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While we’re on the Bucs, do you like O.J. Howard going forward?

I personally just stream TEs. WHole thing is a total wasteland so I prefer to play match-ups rather than try and roster multiple TEs.

Of all the waste though, Howard is intriguing. Despite signing brate to a contract, Howard is outsnapping brate like 70 to 30. I don’t see that trend slowing down. Howard was the best TE in the class and is a superior talent to brate so I don’t mind taking a shot on him. I am personally bidding on him in one of my leagues where I punted the TE position entirely. Not breaking the bank on him though. But I prefer him to what’s out there right now in terms of like Ebron, Dissly and what not.

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