Will fuller traded for Odell Beckham jr

I drafted will fuller, he’s been great. Scores every week. But just recently traded him for Odell…have I made a mistake? What are your thoughts?

Dude whoever made that trade with you has to be new to FFB. There is no way you’re seriously asking this question. You know the answer to this.

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Whoever traded Odell for Fuller is an idiot! OBJ is a top 10 WR end of season, people are just panicked because he hasn’t been through week 4. Update a lot of guys blow up for 4 weeks and are duds the rest of the time. If you got OBJ you got a steal.

Awesome! That’s exactly what I thought, but he’s pretty on top of fantasy so I thought he knew something I didn’t lol

Next question, I have Calvin Ridley, brandin cooks, and devante Adams. Would u bench any of them for Odell?

Ridley, OBJ is a must start every week