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Will Fuller V buried on the rankings


So I was debating Will Fuller or Adam Thielen and so I check the rankings and Fuller is buried at 37th and Thielen is way up at 14, almost WR1 territory?

Seriously, what has Thielen (w/Keenum) done lately except get targets? I love Thielen and I’m from MN so I’m always rooting for him and the Vikings, but I don’t see Thielen doing enough to be in the top 14 at WR this week. Last week I didn’t follow the rankings and played Fuller over Crabtree. I thought it was a mistake at first but it worked out in my favor. Turns out I should have benched Thielen…

I understand that Fuller cannot sustain this 2 catches for 2 TDs every week, but he’s up against Cleveland! I just want to know the justification for Fuller’s WR4 ranking…


He just didn’t have the target volume so in PPR leagues, 2 receptions is pitiful. That’s probably why he’s so far down there. Thielan is up higher because the same target volume reason. I like fuller better vs the browns too.