Will KC keep doing this?

Anyone believe KC will start running the damn ball again?

I’m dropping Bell, no question. But what should I do with CEH? I’m thinking about trying to package him for Miles Sanders. I doubt I could trade him for Sanders straight up. Would something like CEH and Moore for Sanders be more realistic?

I feel like CEH is going to be a TD-dependent flex play ROS…

KC will stay a pass heavy team. They do have the $500,000,000 man, plus Kelce, Hill and the lesser pieces Hardman, Robinson, Watkins. Compared to just CEH and Bell.

It seems KC doesnt have as much trust in CEH as they do Damien Williams.

Since he still had a decent game in my PPR league, would you try to trade him? And for who?

Current roster:


J Rob

Corey Davis


I’m considering taking a run at Miles Sanders or even James Conner. The same manager owns both of them.

Looking at your roster, it looks like you need more WR depth than RB depth.

I would see if you couple get a low end WR1/solid WR2 for him.

OOPS! I forgot to add Diontae in there. I have him as well. So that helps my WR group slightly. Still think I’d be better off looking for WR help?

Throw some names at me that you’d target.

Maybe…Ridley? Since he’s hurt, on bye, and CEH is on bye anyway?

Dang, I just noticed you had Golladay and Woods. Hopefully Golladay is out just a week. Woods is generally a safe floor every week, especially since they are using him in the run game as well.

You can try CEH for Ridley. I dont know if the Ridley owner would be willing to give him up for just CEH. That trade depends on the rest of the roster for Ridley owner.

You could probably try to swing CEH for Jacobs. Jacobs is seeing way more volume than CEH and LV’s pass game has been pretty good to compliment Jacobs. I, personally, am higher on Jacobs RoS than CEH.

Miles Sanders is another name you could possibly swing CEH for. Sanders is coming off an injury and bye week. He should be back this week. PHI really needs him and he is involved more in the pass game than CEH.

As a side note, you can drop Bell. That will add a spot you can pick some up off the waivers.

The Ridley owner actually has Jacobs too and I’ve been thinking about sending that offer for Jacobs for a couple weeks now.

The Sanders owner also has Singletary, Conner, and Swift and that’s all for RB. Maybe I could offer CEH for Sanders and if he doesn’t bite, throw in Moss? Since he’s probably frustrated with Singletary. Or is that too much for Sanders?

You can add Moss in the Sanders trade to juice it up, especially since it looks like Moss is the goal line back.

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