Will Kerryon Johnson be the real deal!?

Wanting to draft Kerryon in the top rounds, does anyone think he has potential to be a hunt of last year??

I love Kerryon. Own him in a tonne of my teams in redraft/keeper/dynasty. I love taking him in later rounds when I employ zero RB.

I don’t think he has a chance to be the Hunt of last year though. Hunt walked in and just took the starting job as a 3 down back. Detroit has blount and riddick. Riddick will take all the passing down work and Blount will undoutedbly take some short yardage and goalline work. But I do think there’s a good shot of him winning that early down job from Blounte by mid season or so.

I don’t expect him to be Hunt cause that’s pretty lofty expectations for any rookie RB but I do see him emerging as the lead back from the backfield mid-late this year with it being his backfield by next year once blount is gone.

I wouldn’t draft him in the top rounds though. That’s too much of a reach.

I play in a RB friendly league, 12 team, if I’m in the back of the picks, would you still not get him as your second pick coming back around?

Blount will be a goal line vulture all year. And he’ll have other uses, too.

Matt Patricia remembers not just the 18 TD’s from 2016, but the one his defense gave up in the most important game of last year.

God no. In the 2nd round? That is absurd. There’s way better options that you can get. I haven’t had to draft kerryon earlier than the 6th at the earliest.

Understood, thanks :pray:t4: