Will someone explain to me is this collusion

The commissioner with one of the most solid teams just traded kelvin Ben,Martin, for Howard, crowder then turns around yesterday picks up all the quarterbacks 16 man league that are starters and trades to the same guy bridgewater, rivers and when I call them out in the message board ppl say it’s backup quarterbacks who cares the guy with Howard team is terrible has nobody good because he had horrible trades. So everybody says I’m complaining but am I really that wrong about these trades the deadline is tomorrow so if someone loses a qb there is none on the waivers which I’m not complaining that’s a smart move I guess but I call b.s on the trades to your best friend money is involved

Ugh, this stuff sucks… on the surface I don’t think the first trade is that ‘out of the possibility’ of being legit, but I will say that a commissioner has an even greater responsibility to appear fair. I’ll also add that I’ve seen plenty of times where a bad team thinks they need to ‘shake things up’ and are willing to make trades that normal folks wouldn’t go for. I’ve also experienced getting the upper hand because I realize how a ‘noob’ values trades…and it’s usually very different than the rest of us… but Bridgewater for Rivers would put me over the edge too, especially since he’s hoarding all QBs…

I think that’s bullshit-I would just put that in the memory bank etc-He wouldn’t like that if you did it-Some Commissioners think they are god just like ole Goodell-I hope RG gets his overpaid ass kicked to the curb-

Exactly what I said I told him it’s your best friend this league is about money it’s 20 dollars but I played to have a fair shot to win it. My buddy just traded for bell I said ok well let’s compare trades if he gives me mixon for gurley is it fair no why because of how gurley has played have we seen bridgewater play no but I do know how rivers plays and to pick him up Thursday and trade him to your best friend for rivers is kinda fishy to me. It’s not the first time either aj green for djax and Detroit

Sounds like they may have made a deal on the $$$$ to split it etc in the event that one of them cashes in-I wouldn’t play in that league anymore after this year and if ya do next year make it where the commish is somebody ya know in your league who wouldn’t basically cheat-just my opinion—

Yea my buddy ask me to play in this league because he didn’t wanna have one. So there was one open slot and I said ok. I’m not playing in it anymore. What makes it worse nobody will trade with me and when I do trade it gets vetoed because it makes my team better. But my roster is mariota, brissett, gurley, Morris, Drake, Henry, rod smith, juilo, dez, funchess, doctson, graham, rams, steelers I think in a 16 man standard that’s a pretty solid roster for the playoffs