Will superflex be the norm in 5 years?

My friends and I are setting up a dynasty league right now. None of us have ever done superflex before, and so we were planning on doing starting lineup of 1 qb, 1 wr, 1 rb, 1 te, 2 flex. As you know however, it is very difficult to change the settings of a dynasty league down the road because you build your roster around the current rules. Will we regret not doing superflex a few years into the league?

I love two QB leagues, it makes the wire pick ups harder and your choices much more strategic.

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Superflex also makes the rookie drafts more fun. There’s a better chance of one of the hot WR’s or RB’s dropping to you because there are always QB needy teams taking QB’s in the 1st two rounds. Since there is a higher quantity of valuable rookies coming in, 2nd round draft picks become more valuable as trade pieces which creates more movement within the league. Nothing is more boring than a stagnant dynasty league where nobody ever trades and the same teams are always good/bad.