Will Yahoo Screw My Week?

Wondering if anyone has experience with the Yahoo system in this situation:

  1. We drafted on Tuesday, I left kicker position open to give me an extra RB for transactions
  2. I put my stream/waiver request in on Wednesday to fill my kicker spot
  3. System tells me the transactions don’t go through until Friday
  4. App tells me today that my kicker position has been left open

So will my roster lock before my waivers become active and leave my kicker points on the table?

Same issue, emailed yahoo and they say everything is fine and i should just be able to pick up a defense. Apparently not until sept 6th. They have no answers

I dont want to waste my waiver claim on a defense, wspecially one that sucks… lol

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Haha, seriously. I shouldn’t be penalized for my office drafting so late.

Its crap theres no reason for the waivers to be locked before the start of the season… im switxhing to sleeper next year

Ouchie bro. I think you are taking a kick in the pants on that one.

Update: Luckily, since neither my drops or the replacements are playing until tomorrow, the slots were still open for me to put them into when the transaction completed this morning. Even more luckily, my opponent this week is already starting under projections thanks to last night’s stinker.

I was able to get mine taken care of too, now to decide whether to drop penny ballage or lewis to pick up justin jackson… or just wait and see how week one shakes out