Will you make this trade

Diggs for Juju, Clement and royce freeman/ Kenyon drake

I am going to accept this trade but i would like some feedback from the foot clan before i go through with it

JuJu and Diggs are a wash for me. If you need RB depth, go for it.

I’d do it even if I felt like Juju was a downgrade. RBs with a workload are hard to find and worst case JuJu is a slight downgrade while grabbing 2 depth pieces at RB.

I prefer Diggs to JuJu ROS. But only slightly. If you need some RB depth, this is a fine trade.

I only have Kamara hunt Crowell and smallwood, what would you do?

Would you take drake or Freeman though?

Probably Drake since it’s a filler spot. Freeman doesn’t look like he’ll get a real shot at touches. He needs an injury and game script. Drake needs Gase fired, but at some point he has to get touches or Gase is gone.