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Will Zeke figure it out?


Even Andy, Jason and Mike said on their video today: Zeke needs to realize that he needs to change his ways and realize that he’s treading on thin ice here!!! As I mentioned in a previous post. These young “stars” need to realize…they are not “GOD” and can’t get away with ANYTHING/EVERYTHING, just because they think they are SOOOOOO GOOD that they will be exempt from NFL “regulations” and therefore can get away with whatever kind of BS they decide to find themselves in!!!
Come on Zeke…wake up buddy…TIME TO GROW UP!!! Realize the “chance” you’ve “earned/been given”… show us and the world that you “DESERVE” our/your team’s/the NFL world’s respect!!!


I have a buddy who does the whole “club” scene in the Dallas-Forth Worth area, he has mentioned seeing Zeke in multiple different clubs on multiple different occasions during the season not to mention the offseason. Until he changes the people he’s hanging around and his offseason activities he will most likely be a repeat offender. Where does the NFL go from here if they’ve already slapped him with a 6 game suspension? 8 games? 1 season?


There you go kokogrange!!! EXACTLY!!! Well said my friend!!! That’s what I was trying to say. There are WAY too many players trying to get into the big money NFL these days.
Zeke needs to realize…Jerry Jones is all about the $$$$. Keep screwing up and “costing” JJ those bucks…YOU’RE DONE!!!