Williams/Thompson trade target

What RB could I upgrade to by trading Damien Williams and Chris Thompson

Any help is appreciated

If you want to trade them now I’d say you’re looking at someone along the lines of Montgomery or Singletary or James White. Possibly Shady.

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Thanks for the help. Just traded Shady. Should I hold Williams and wait for a good game to trade him?

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Yes, he’s hurt so I don’t think you’d get any takers now.

You’re going to get terrible value while he’s hurt, and he’s likely an RB1 when he’s not… for now there’s no reason not to hold unless you find a consistent RB1 to trade for… Fournette wouldn’t be a terrible target if you’re sick of waiting and want to consolidate to a full-time starter… the TDs will come… Conner maybe? But I don’t love him… I’ve found a lot of Ingram owners are looking to “sell high” but don’t think that’s a strong enough offer while he’s hurt… Mack wouldn’t be a terrible target…

Not a good time to trade Williams.

Thanks all. I kind of figured I can either use him or wait for his value to rise before trading him.