Williams, White or Samuels RB2 or TE vs Gronk, PPR

RB1: Lindsay
RB2: Jaylen Samuels, Damien Williams, or James White? (I also have James Conner)
TE: Jaylen Samuels vs Gronk?

I am very worried about White after last week. Seems boom or bust to me. And I don’t really feel like taking the risk? (but I guess Williams is also a risk)
Playing against Mahomes if that makes any difference.

Second part of the question:
I also play on Yahoo so Samuels could be my TE vs Gronk?

I am leaning towards playing Conner or Samuels as RB2 and Gronk as TE.

any advice would be appreciated. thanks

Samuels RB2. Gronk