Willie Snead or Kearse?

Im having a hard decision on who to pick up off the waivers to replace Juju, Allison, and Jordy Nelson on bye. I know the footballers are high on kearse but my gut tells me that the jets are going to lay an egg this week. I like the upside that Snead has for this matchup, he’s been averaging 5 points in my standard league. He is also 2nd in targets being john brown. I believe the ravens vs saints game will be a shootout with a lot of scoring, I’m high on snead catching a Td this game. Let me know what you think foot clan. i am in 10 team standard league

This makes it a little more difficult since it’s standard.

Snead is the no. 3 option behind Brown and Crabtree, whereas Kearse could be the number 1 or 2 behind Anderson this week.

Both seem to be safe plays but I’d lean Kearse.


thank you taco

I like Snead, and he’s a safe 9-11 point floor but with Enunwa out for a few weeks, Kearse will see 8-12 targets, something Snead likely won’t come close to.

I’d start Kearse.

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