Wilson and Mahomes Trade

Got offered these two trades… I have Goff and Kupp. Which one do I take?

  1. Kupp for Mahomes/Lockett

  2. Kupp/Goff for R.Wilson/Julio

Wow thats a tough call, I definitely am happy with either trade; but, I think which one you take depends on the rest of your roster

I have Edelman, fitz, mclaurin and crowded

Who would you drop in the 2 for 1 trade?

I have Daniel Jones in my bench so drop him

This is tough. Lockett has been good when he doesn’t get a td he usually gets the receptions. Only think is Wilson doesn’t throw a ton but replaces it with rushing yards. Mahomes and Wilson are putting up the similar numbers. So it’s more would you rather keep Goff and get Lockett or lose Goff and get Julio