Wilson at home vs the Redskins, or Brees at home vs the Bucs?

I have both QBs and can’t decide this week!

I’m in a similar situation from here on out because I have Brees and Watson. Tried trading one to no avail. Don’t need them both or the terrible decision of who to play each week. They both have such good matchups.

But as far as your situation, as much as I love Brees, NO can run the ball and Seattle can’t, so Wilson is probably the way to go, just from a volume standpoint.

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I tried trading one as well but no one in my league ever trades. It’s terrible. The juicy matchup for Brees is hard not to consider, however Wilson likely is the way to go with volume as you said.

I very much wanted to continue rolling with Brees, (especially because of his down week last week) and the fact that I have Michael Thomas and like stacking points. And because the matchup is good.


Watson is too hard to ignore so he’s in my lineup this week as of right now.

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Good thing you were able to hold onto Brees!

No kidding. The one week I caved and was finally ready to commit starting Watson…

Now really wishing I could’ve gotten something for Watson… No one went for it!

That’s very surprising considering how hot he’s been! Sounds like my league tho - no one trades :confused:

It’s a 10 team league and everyone was pretty set at QB I guess. I tried my best to wheel and deal. Watson was QB1 for a couple weeks and was QB2 last I checked. But yeah, not much of a trading league unfortunately.

I would roll Wilson out there. This is his time of year and they can’t run at all

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My opponent also has Paul Richardson starting. Does this help on the decision towards starting Wilson?

I don’t think so. Seattle is a crap shoot for who will catch the ball. It could easily be Locket this week, or Graham. Wilson gives you those rushing yards too

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If I had wilson I’d prolly start him no matter wat the matchup was the remainder of the season this is when he plays his best he and his team is a 2nd half team and he balls out like he showed last week…

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Feeling the Breez from Florence…Go with Drew.

Drew is best at home…Wilson same… flip a coin