Wilson, Collins, Howard ROS

How would you rank Jeff Wilson Jr., Alex Collins and Jordan Howard rest of season?

Currently have Howard, but Wilson and Collins are on the waiver wire. Would have to drop Howard to pick one of them up. Would need to drop another RB to try to pick up both (8 RB max on roster). Think either or both are worth it? And who would you drop?

As a side note, my opponent this week has both Mitchell and Carson, with no FAAB left, so it also could be a blocking move.

Wouldn’t be looking to play any of them this week (CMC, Montgomery and Dillon are my starters), so looking more at usage in future weeks with byes or injuries.

My team …

QB: Brady
RB: CMC, Montgomery, CEH (IR), Dillon, Hubbard, Herbert, Howard, Pollard
WR: Cooper (IR), Lockett, Pittman, Higgins
TE: Gesicki
DST: Panthers
K: Koo

10-team, 1/2 PPR, Redraft, QB/2RB/2WR/TE/FLX/DST/K

Bump … trying to decide if I should make any moves before waivers go through today.

For me the order would be Collins first because Carson is out for the year the Jeff Wilson. He will be the lead back and Mitchell is injured so could be great handcuff if he goes down again.

I would bump Herbert and pick up Wilson or Collins