Wilson+Conner for DJ

Trade offer from a struggling 2-5 team.
I need to trim my roster (no kicker atm).

I have
QB: Mahomes, Wilson
RBs: Gurley, Kamara, Howard, Chubb, Conner

Currently 7-0, so this is Just a speculative add to see if DJ gets going. And an insurance if Bell returns (although I doubt it).

My RBs in the playoff would be: RB1+2: Gurley, Kamara Flex: DJ/Chubb. With Howard as backup.

I’d do it. Bell could come back any day… DJ with the new OC might get an upgrade plus you’ll have Wilson during patty’s bye and won’t have to stream and maybe use him when KC plays the Rams

I’m trading away Wilson… So I have to stream someone during Mahomes bye.