WIlson, Mayfield or Tannehill?

They all have great matchups. But Wilson and Mayfield (on my roster) have been rather disappointing lately. I am considering dropping Baker for Tannehill tonight.

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Here is how my QB projection model has each of them ranked this week and next week:
Mayfield - QB6, QB31
Wilson - QB13, QB3
Tannehill - QB2, QB5

So I would definitely add Tannehill, and I would be OK dropping Baker to do it if you aren’t worried that he would be a big upgrade for your opponent this week. But get Tannehill on your roster if you can no matter what. I would play Tannehill this week and then decide next week if it’s him or Wilson.

My QB model is below for reference. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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I dont know man. your projections told me to start Darnold over Watson 2 weeks ago that cost me a playoff spot in my other league…

But I like it I just put in a waiver claim for Tannehill. My opponent has Kyler and way more FAAB than me so hopefully he doesn’t try to block

Thanks for the help

Sorry to hear that. I know that was a big one. Many analysts had Darnold projected to be a good streamer that week, but I know I was lower on Watson than most. There are never any guarantees, but Tannehill has proven it for eight weeks now, so I feel confident in the process with him (and I am counting on him myself in my league of record). Good luck!

I was just meat with you. Everyone said don’t start Watson against the Patriots

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