Wilson on waivers

Someone dropped Russel Wilson. I’m a QB streamer with Dalton playing this week. The players on my bench are Jones Jr., Enunwa, Boyd, Lindsey and Mike Williams. It’s a full PPR with two flex spots. Is Wilson gold just sitting on the waivers…or fools gold?

If you can figure out a sensible way to add him I would try. He isn’t fool’s gold - can always put up points and now is getting his favorite weapon back. Tough call on dropping any of those players though.

Agree with above… I would keep Dalton… Dalton has some juicy matchups coming up with Falcons Steelers Bucks and Saints in the next 5 weeks

Russ and the Hawks are typically a slow starting team for whatever reason, seems time and time again they are on fire in the second half of the season. Could be a good stash but you wouldn’t play him much in the next month with the matchups that Dalton has.